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Aqualife 3

The Aqualife 3 spa delivers all of the comfort and functionalities of a large spa but in smaller size. This three-seater spa, including the lounger, has 21 powerful jets and 10 air nozzles for soothing and massaging all body muscles in a relaxing bubble bath.

It takes up very little room, which can be further reduced by purchasing it without the cabinet and installing as an in-ground spa.

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Available in:
  • Sterling Marble
  • White
  • Thunder Cabinet
  • Walnut Cabinet
  • Graphite Cabinet
  • Winter Solstice
  • Cameo
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Six jets positioned to massage the back muscles, plus one for the back of each leg and one for each calf.

Deep back muscle massage, which strengthens the circulatory and lymphatic system, to give a pleasant feeling of relaxation and relieve the effects of everyday stress and bad posture, as well as occasional aches and pains. The legs and calves are given a more powerful massage, which in addition to the lipoactive effects is also used in beauty treatments to firm up the body. In the case of physical exertion, a hydromassage to the calves has a calming effect.

Six jets positioned to massage the neck, spine and back muscles, plus one for the back of each calf.

The aim of massages to the thoracic duct is to attain well-being by relieving pressure in the back and neck as a result of everyday stress, bad posture or muscle weakness. In combination with the relaxing massage to the calves, in this position the body is better rested, which helps achieve a good night’s sleep as well as eliminating toxins.

General Specification

Spa dimensions (cm) 216 x 148 x 90 (± 1cm)
Number of seats in the spa (seats/loungers) 3 (2 / 1)
Water Volume (Litre) 780 l
Spa weight (empty - full) 229 Kg / 1.009 Kg
Spa massage pump 1,800 W / 2,5 HP
Spa blower pump 400 W
Spa filter pump 250 W
Electric spa heater 3.000 W
Power requirements: Low Amp (W)/(A) to 230 V 3.261 W / 14,2 A
Spa voltage 230 V / 400 V III


Number of jets in the spa 21
Spa with air nozzles 10
Spa with headrests 1
Spa with digital control panel Balboa System Control Panel
Spa with galvanised metal structure Yes
Spa with ABS Base Yes
Energy Saving Cover Yes
Stainless steel nozzles Yes
Spa with filter Cartridge
Clean Water (Spa with ozonator) Yes

Optional Features

Spa Shell Colours White, Sterling, Cameo
Cabinet coating Graphite, Thunder
Audio Bluetooth 2.1 Optional
Programmable WiFi Touch Panel Optional
Spa with double insulation for saving energy Optional
Spa without cabinet Optional
Chromotherapy LED spotlight 1 LED
3 LED spotlights Optional
Technical drawings of the Aqualife 3 model for home use showing the layout of the jets and the size of the spa. Download
Document with the technical specifications and optional features available for the Aqualife 3 spa. Download
Guarantee Certificate Download
Operating Instructions - Hottub For Private Use Download
Installation Manual - Spa For Private Use Download

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