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Bubble Box Spas are proud to be partnered with Aquavia Spa, the biggest and leading spa bath manufacturer in Europe. Bubble Box will be supplying the Aquavia range of spas in Scotland.

Having been in the industry since 1998, Aquavia have honed their skills to provide you with the absolute best in terms of quality, design and performance. Aquavia have also managed to overcome the usual pitfalls of hot tub ownership to make it a less labour intensive process through the addition of features, such as the inclusion of Microban antibacterial surface and UV treatments, meaning cleaning and maintenance is vastly reduced, allowing you to simply lie back and relax.

Every aspect of these spa baths are designed with the most discerning clients in mind, to produce a wide range of spa baths to satisfy across the board, from creating a wonderful feature within the home, to showcase on your outdoor terrace area or to cater to your business, there will be a product to suit you.

Aquavia Spa are committed to quality and as a result of this, their highly experience in-house design and manufacturing team monitor every aspect of the production line to ensure that the exacting standards of quality that have become the Aquavia hallmark, are always met. The Aquavia Spa factory in Barcelona holds many certificates for quality and design, including the following;

  • ISO 9001 Certification for the implementation of quality assurance management system in the design and manufacture of the spa baths.
  • CE Markings showing they are in strict compliance with EU standards.

The highest quality is present throughout every aspect of the Aquavia ranges, not only through the use of the finest materials available, but quality is also fundamental to the design of the units and all of their features. Each feature of the spa baths, from the hand rails, user-friendly control units, ergonomically designed seating and the exact pressure that each jet exerts on the body, has been meticulously thought out to ensure only the best is used within these spas. The use of specific materials, from the synthetic wood, to the solid surfaces and stainless steel interior options, exudes sophistication and class. Aquavia Spa and Bubble Box Spas believe in these products and the second to none quality, performance that they deliver and the components used are the most reliable available on the market, which enables us to offer the following unique, extensive warranties;

  •  15 year warranty on the spa bath structure
  •  5 year warranty for the acrylic aspect
  •  2 year warranty on all components

Each seat and lounger is designed for the sole purpose of providing the bather with the best massage possible. In view of this, special attention is given to the ergonomics and available leg room within the spa bath to cater to all physiques. Massage jets are strategically placed and feature rotary, directional and intermittent high pressure jets, creating a wide range of sensations to soothe circulation, respiratory and digestive problems, targeting the neck, lower back, legs and feet, whilst also providing the whole body with a gentler massage. Hydromassage can be used for the targeted relief of aches and pains whilst emotional balance can be achieved through the use of chromotherapy, music therapy and aromatherapy. All of this can be enjoyed as a romantic night under the stars on your private terrace, fun for the whole family splashing in the lovely warm, clean water or as some time alone for R&R with your favourite scents and music, helping to create the perfect ambient atmosphere.

Aquavia strive to make your spa bath an object of desire that fits in perfectly as a stunning design feature within your home or business, whilst maintaining their firm commitment to environmental sustainability through their high degree of energy efficiency.

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